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🚨 Important Announcement! 🚨 🛑 SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent Fundraiser 🛑

It has come to our attention that unauthorised individuals are going door-to-door in Clontarf, Dublin, claiming to collect funds on behalf of the Marie Keating Foundation.

They are saying that they are doing a 1,000 mile walk/run on behalf of the Foundation. We want to emphasize that this person is NOT affiliated with the Marie Keating Foundation, and their activities are fraudulent.

We have already contacted the Gardai and will share descriptions and footage of these people that have been shared with us with Gardai.

🔍 How to Identify Legitimate Collectors:

✅ All our official representatives carry valid identification.

✅ Our authorised collectors do not accept cash payments; they provide secure online donation options.

✅ Our logo is displayed prominently on their identification badges and collection materials.

If someone claiming to represent the Marie Keating Foundation cannot provide the above verification, please do not contribute any funds.

🚫 Your safety and trust are our top priorities.

📞 If you encounter this individual:

1️⃣ Politely decline to contribute.

2️⃣ Take note of any details (physical appearance, clothing, etc.).

3️⃣ Report the incident to local Gardai and to the Marie Keating Foundation.

🙏 We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to donate directly through our official channels.

Thank you for your vigilance and commitment to making a difference in the fight against cancer. 💙🌟