Heroes of Hope


Stories of prostate cancer survival

This year, over 3,400 men in Ireland will hear the words, “You have prostate cancer.”  However, for most, such a diagnosis does not mark the end of their journey. Thanks to early detection and advances in treatment, there are over 26,000 prostate cancer survivors in Ireland today. Over 90% of men diagnosed with the disease will survive.

While coping with cancer treatment can be difficult, the Marie Keating Foundation is shining a light on these stories of prostate cancer survival to give hope and support to men affected by the disease. The Heroes of Hope – Stories of Prostate Cancer Survival exhibition tells the stories of 15 men who have survived prostate cancer. They are from different counties, do different jobs, are of all ages and each has travelled their own individual cancer journey. Because just like prostate cancer, we know that no survivor’s journey is the same.

Our 15 Heroes of Hope have one thing in common: they are living proof that while being diagnosed with prostate cancer will change your life, there is life after prostate cancer.

Michael Daly

Naoise Kennedy

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