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“I think that these topics are so important to be discussed and to have someone with your expertise was fantastic! I know that a lot of people will have benefited from what you have said and we all look forward to the next one!”

- Marese Lawlor, Bank Of Ireland




The Marie Keating Foundation’s work focuses on raising awareness of all of the common cancers affecting men and women in Ireland and the healthy lifestyle choices that reduce the risk of cancer.

Our services help people to make informed choices in relation to their health that can lower their cancer risk, while increasing awareness of cancer symptoms and screening programmes.

Cancer Awareness & Wellness Workshops

The Marie Keating Foundation’s Corporate Wellness Programme provides evidence based information on cancer prevention and the more common types of cancer.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 30-50% of all cancers are preventable through changes to lifestyle and environmental factors - Preventing cancer (

Cancer Awareness & Corporate Wellness Workshops & Webinars

We provide a suite of informative cancer awareness workshops and webinars for companies all around Ireland. We have received some very positive feedback regarding our cancer awareness services over the years. Our goal is to make ‘cancer less frightening by enlightening’. Our specialist nurses provides evidence based up-to-date information on the most common cancer types and educates individuals on how to protect themselves from cancer and be informed of the signs and symptoms of the various types of cancer.

We would be delighted to provide you and your colleagues with a workshop or webinar of your choice. Please find a breakdown of our cancer awareness workshops:


Workplace Workshop Options


Your Health: Your Choice Workshop for men & women. The aim of this workshop is to increase individuals’ knowledge on how they can reduce their risk of cancer by targeting modifiable lifestyle risk factors.  4 in 10 cancers can be prevented through lifestyle choices alone. There is a direct link between the things we do, what we eat, what we drink and our health.  This workshop informs individuals on how they can make simple changes to 5 parts of everyday life that will reduce cancer risk: smoking, overweight & obesity, physical activity, alcohol, and sun/sun beds. We have videos, infographics and brochure materials on a number of these lifestyle behaviors and their links to cancer.


Men’s Health Workshop 

The aim of this workshop is to increase men’s knowledge on the most common cancers that affect them (prostate, bowel, lung, skin and testicular cancers).  The workshop contains information about the signs and symptoms of these cancer types and how to spot these symptoms in addition to information on how men can reduce their risk of these common cancers.  Teaching aids are used in the delivery of this workshop to engage participants and create more open discussion among the group.


Women’s Health Workshop 

The aim of this workshop is to increase women’s knowledge on the most common cancers that affect them (breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer, and lung cancer).  The workshop contains information about the signs and symptoms of these cancer types and how to spot these symptoms. In addition, information on how women can reduce their risk of these common cancers is also discussed.


Cancer Specific Workshop

We also offer 1 hour workshops on specific cancer types e.g. Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Skin Cancer during the summer, Lung Cancer during November etc.  These workshops would feature the key facts about this cancer type, risk factors, signs and symptoms as well as advice on how to reduce your risk of developing this type of cancer.



'Back to Work After Cancer' Workshop

With more than 170,000 cancer survivors in Ireland, more and more people are coming through or living positively with cancer than ever before. Receiving a cancer diagnosis can have a lasting impact and it can be daunting for a survivor to consider returning to work and confusing for employers to understand how to help support that transition. We offer a specific workshop for managers or HR personnel within companies to help them navigate what can be a delicate time for both the returning employee and their colleagues. We have developed a bespoke workshop for this and a booklet which can be downloaded for free here.


Health Checks

On request, our nurses can carry out specific health checks with individuals in their workplace or on our mobile unit.  Health Checks include for example:

  • Waist Measurements
  • Carbon monoxide testing with a smokerlyser 
  • Weight, Height and BMI measurement


Build Your Own Package

Marie Keating Foundation can design bespoke wellness workshops that encompass a combination of e.g. talks alongside the health checks offered by our nurses. We understand that every workplace is different so flexibility is important. Choose from the workshop options below to create the package that suits you and your employees.


“Thank you so much for your time and excellent webinar today. You are a wealth of knowledge and the session will be extremely beneficial to all of the attendees and their families. We have already received some fantastic feedback and emails of thanks.” – Aifric Saunderson, Bank Of Ireland


Webinar Workshop Options include


1 - 2.5 hour Webinars

Interactive Webinar on chosen subject can be delivered during a lunch break.

  • Live recording of webinar = additional €300
  • Pre-recorded webinar = €600
10 minute 1:1 conversation post live webinar

Available 10 minutes after webinar is complete

Per Person

*All recordings will be available for one week only


Workshop Options include


Workshop (1- 1 1/2 hours) for up to 30 people
Interactive workshop on chosen subject can be delivered during a lunch break.
Full Day Workshop (up to 5 1/2 hours) 
Interactive workshops for groups

Additional Services

Mobile Information Unit                                                                          

If you would also like our mobile unit to visit your workplace or for a specific corporate event, this can be arranged. Please contact Jenny for further information or for an update on expected timings for this service to be back by emailing [email protected]

Health Checks   (+€300/ €10 per person)

Health checks are offered to complement the workshops

Information Stand

Staffed by a Marie Keating Foundation nurse for up to 2 hours & information resources for up to 50 people (+€400)

Book Now:

Interested in booking a Marie Keating Foundation nurse and /or Mobile Information Unit to visit your workplace?

Please call Jenny at 01 6283726 or register your interest here.



"The support and services provided to us from the Marie Keating Foundation, on our cancer awareness day, exceeded expectations. Maeve was kind, courteous, helpful and direct. The high level of engagement she had with our staff on the day was a testament to her professionalism and empathetic nature. The mobile unit for private consultations was utilised to the fullest extent and feedback from staff on this element of the service was very complementary"

- John Willis, Boston Scientific 

 "Eileen was brilliant at all three of our events. She was super professional, engaging with staff and from our point of view as organisers, she was a pleasure to deal with" 

- Kevin Healy, Cork County Council 


“Bernie thanks a million, it was a super seminar. So much information. Lots of great feedback coming in so thank you very much.” Clìona Nì Shùilleabhàin, Senior Manger, Corporate Banking Ireland at Bank Of Ireland