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Making cancer less frightening is our mission here at the Marie Keating Foundation. By working in partnership with local development companies in Roscommon and Offaly, as well as Travellers from Pavee Point, we have taken that first step to making lifesaving cancer awareness and prevention information available for all.

Understanding what the risks of cancer are, and how you can best protect yourself is a vital step in reducing your chances of becoming seriously ill from a treatable cancer.


Working with our partners both within the Syrian and Traveller communities, we created easy-to-read information leaflets focusing on Ireland’s most common cancers. To download full copies of these resources created by Arabic speakers and Travellers for members of their community, for free, click below.

We have worked closely with Galway Local Development Network, a new relationship developed in 2023 that we hope to build on, and have since produced 3 leaflets for the Ukranian Community to add to our range of inclusive publications. Please click below to download for free. 

For helpful advice on some of Ireland's most common cancers, and testimonials of just how impactful our work in this area has been, and continues to be, click the buttons below.


Understandings cancer's early warning signs gives you the tools you need to seek help early. Read Sheila Reilly’s breast cancer story, where she describes how her breast cancer journey led her to become a Traveller Primary Health Care Worker in Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre. Sheila uses her personal story of surviving breast cancer in her work to inspire and empower other Traveller women to be aware of their own body and to detect cancer in its early stages


For more information on Ireland's most common cancers, click the ribbons below:


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