Virtual Support Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic, has changed how many of us receive our health information and opened our minds to the virtual and online ways we can receive support.

As society opens up and restrictions lift, we are conscious that for many cancer patients, the risk of COVID-19 still remains and for many restricted movements and reduced contact circles continue.  With that in mind we are committed to continuing to provide a range of our services in a hybrid model and to offer our conferences and talks as recorded videos too, ensuring access for all.

Online Wellness Webinars:

Carer’s Webinar Series: Our free, four-part webinar series, focusing on issues faced by those caring for a loved one living with cancer begins on the 9th of September and is open to all. Hosted by Clinical Psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy, these webinars will concentrate on topics such as acknowledging the experience of caring for someone with cancer in times of COVID, preserving the self, recognising compassion, fatigue & building resilience- preventing burnout and the importance of self-care. To sign up for one or all of these sessions, click here.

Cancer and COVID-19 Wellness Webinar:
Recognising that for cancer patients and survivors, COVID-19 has brought with it a heightened sense of anxiety and vulnerability, we created our six-part Cancer and COVID-19 wellness webinar series to provide expert advice and support to those on a cancer journey, from the safety of their homes. Covering issues related to a life lived with cancer such as managing fatigue and anxiety, to exercise and new nutritional requirements, each week, people tuned in live to hear our speaker share vital information to help stay healthy while staying home. To watch recordings of each instalment of our wellness webinar series and read some of the frequently asked questions from each session, click here.
We have also been able to create a number of at-home health resources including our Stay Home Stay Healthy series, giving people the information and tools they needed to stay well while cocooning, and social distancing. For more information on these resources, click here

#LunchtimeLive with Look Good Feel Better
Our #LunchtimeLive series with the team at Look Good Feel Better Ireland is a monthly Facebook Live that provides valuable information on how to look good and feel confident at every step of your cancer journey. To date, we have been fortunate to be able to host live streams on the topics of how to care for your skin, how to boost self-esteem through makeup, how to care for your scalp and advice on wigs as well as a dedicated live stream for men on a cancer journey. The latest of our lunchtime lives hosted in November was a festive Christmas give away where five lucky winners walked away with some fantastic Christmas treats. To watch all of our #LunchtimeLive’s back in your own time, click here.

To ensure that everyone in Ireland has access to the vital and life saving information about cervical cancer, how to spot it and how it’s treated, the Marie Keating Foundation, in partnership with the teams at the Roscommon and Offaly Local Development network created a cervical cancer presentation designed to provide those within the Syrian community in Ireland with the information and confidence to seek help if they notice a change. On the day, all of the information presented by the Marie Keating Foundation’s nursing team was presented in Arabic and translated live to ensure al literacy needs were catered for. A full recording of this webinar session is available to view by clicking here. This work was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Deloitte Ireland.

To mark International Men’s Health Week this June, the Foundation were delighted to be able to offer men across Ireland the opportunity to join our free, four-week webinar series focusing on men’s health and wellness.Taking care of your health and wellbeing has never been more important. This four-part webinar series called “Connecting and Re-engaging with each other” was designed to bring men vital information and resources on how to look after their physical and mental health, from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Online Information Sessions:

Corporate Wellness Webinars

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marie Keating Foundation are now offering virtual corporate wellness webinars to ensure employees working from home are focusing on their health at a time when it has never been so important. Our virtual webinars provide the same professional service delivered by an oncology nurse but they can now be enjoyed by teams from the safety and comfort of their homes. Just like our face to face programme, you can tailor your webinar to topics that best suit your organisation’s needs and webinar lengths can vary depending on your requirements. If you would like to book a corporate wellness webinar for your company please click here

2022 BRCA Conference Recording

On the 29th April, the Marie Keating Foundation, supported by Astra Zeneca and MSD hosted its first in-person BRCA conference in over two years, with this years theme being Engaging with BRCA in a Family Way. Including presentations, information sessions and a Q&A from attendees both in the room and online, this years webinar was one of our best yet. To watch a full recording of the day’s event, click here.

2021 BRCA Conference (Webinar)

In April 2021, the Marie Keating Foundation, with the help of their sponsors MSD and Astra Zeneca once again hosted their annual BRCA Conference. With guest speakers such as Pauline Robinson from the NCCP, Genetic Counsellors Eoin Hanney and Jessica Kavanagh, and BRCA Carrier and breast cancer survivor Lisa McElwaine, the 3-hour session was a huge success. To view the morning’s presentation back in full, click here. Unanswered questions from the day’s events are currently under review and will be available to view shortly.

2020 BRCA Convention (Webinar):

As a result of COVID-19, this year we were unable to provide our annual BRCA conference in person. However, this set back gave us the opportunity to transition our meeting into an online forum, where BRCA positive men and women could log in, and find a community of other on a similar BRCA journey. Our panel of experts gave insightful and informative presentations on the day, while also answering many of those in attendance’s FAQ’s after the event, to ensure everyone received the support and information they required. To read all of these FAQ’s and view a full recording of our BRCA webinar, click here.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day Webinar 2021:

After a year like no other, experts in the field of metastatic breast cancer, as well as a panel of peers affected by the disease came together to mark MBC Awareness Day on the 13th October, and reflect on a challenging year, and the state of Metastatic Breast Cancer In Ireland. To watch a full recording of the day’s events, click here. 

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day Webinar 2020:

In an effort to keep those most at risk from the spread of COVID-19, we made the decision, alongside Europa Donna Ireland and our sponsors Pfizer to adapt our annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day seminar to a digital format so that women across Ireland and the UK could dial in and be a part of what is always a fantastic afternoon, from the safety of their homes. 2020’s webinar included incredible guests like the Secondary Sisters, Laura and Nick, journalist Sarah Carey, MBC advocates sharing their experience and many more incredible voices from the MBC field. You can view a full recording of the day’s events and share in the experience of the day by clicking here.



Digital Support Groups:

Positive Living:
Deleted: In an effort to keep those most vulnerable from the spread of COVID-19, our Positive Living support group for women living with a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis has now been transitioned to an online group, meeting bi-weekly. These groups provide women living with MBC the opportunity to connect and receive support from women on a similar journey, while also receiving expert advice from guest speakers. To learn more about our programme and join our community, click here.

Survive and Thrive:
Over the last six years, the Foundation’s Survive and Thrive programme has helped hundreds of cancer survivors transition and adapt to life after cancer. This free six-week workshop programme includes advice from nurses, as well as peer to peer advice from other survivors on issues that cancer survivors often face including: coping with emotions; fatigue and other symptoms; changing nutritional needs; coping with feelings and change; managing stress and physical activity. Due to the spread of COVID-19, this programme is now being offered as a digital package, meaning no matter where in Ireland you are, you can get involved and learn some new skills on how to cope with your new normal. To sign up for our upcoming programme, click here.

BRCA Online Support Group:
Coping with a positive BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 diagnosis can be a difficult and lonely road, but it is important to understand that you are not alone. After the fantastic response to our online BRCA Conference, we are delighted to now offer an online BRCA support group for men and women living with a BRCA positive diagnosis. Each month, we host evening session for participants and create a safe space for everyone to express what they’re going through, any questions or issues they may have in a space where people understand. Fascialiated by a member of our MKF nursing team and a member of our BRCA Peer To Peer support network, we are delighted to welcome anyone on a BRCA journey to our group. To sign up for our next meeting, please click here. ]