Marie Keating Foundation Publications

The Marie Keating Foundation has a number of leaflets, booklets and information materials on the most common cancers that affect both men and women in Ireland. You are welcome to download these free of charge at the links below.

If you would like a hard copy of any of our booklets or leaflets, please email us: [email protected]. These are provided free of charge with a small fee to cover postage and packaging.

Back to Work

Back To Work After Cancer- an information booklet on going back to work after cancer

Breast cancer

Breast Cancer – What you should know – a short leaflet with information on breast cancer

Advice and Exercise following breast surgery– an information booklet for women who are being discharged after breast cancer surgery

Understanding Breast Changes – an information booklet for women who have found a benign (non-cancerous) lump

Breast Cancer Infographic  – a poster which has information on risk factors and how to check your breasts

Coping with Advanced Breast Cancer – a booklet about coping with advanced breast cancer symptoms, strong emotions and other difficulties people may face when they receive a diagnosis that their breast cancer has spread.

Bowel cancer

Bowel Cancer – What You Should Know – a short leaflet with information on bowel cancer

Bowel Cancer: From diagnosis to recovery‘ – a booklet for people who have received a diagnosis. You can order a copy of this booklet by emailing Angela at [email protected].

Coping with advanced bowel cancer’– a booklet for people with metastatic bowel cancer that can help you and your family understand the disease and how to manage it. The booklet looks at symptoms you might experience, feelings and emotions you might feel and difficulties you may encounter.

Cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer -What you should know – a short leaflet with information on cervical cancer

Don’t Fear the Smear– a short leaflet on the benefits of having a smear test

Lung cancer

Lung cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on lung cancer

Lung Cancer – from diagnosis to recovery = a booklet to help you navigate your lung cancer journey


Coping with Advanced Melanoma – Marie Keating Foundation – a booklet for people living with advanced melanoma

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer- what you should know– a short leaflet with information on ovarian cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer-What you should know– a short leaflet with information on prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer booklet – offering information and advice from diagnosis to recovery

Skin cancer

Coping with advanced melanoma

Skin Cancer -What you should know– a short leaflet with information on skin cancer. This leaflet includes information on both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer

Spot the Difference infographic – an A3 poster with advice on how to prevent melanoma and how to check your moles and freckles using the ABCDE method. More Spot the Difference resources, including two videos, can be seen on our Spot the Difference page.

Testicular cancer

Testicular Cancer-What you should know– a short leaflet with information on testicular cancer

Your Health: Your Choice

Your Health Your Choice Infographic on how to reduce your cancer risk through lifestyle changes

Your Health Your Choice DL Brochure on reducing your risk on of cancer through simple lifestyle changes

Annual reports

The Marie Keating Foundation is proud to publish our annual reports online each year. Please see the Why you can trust us section of this website for our annual reports of the last three years.


Other Helpful resources:

Sexuality after cancer:


Can Sleep Booklet by Peter McCallum Cancer Centre – a short booklet designed to help those on or after a cancer journey achieve successful sleep. Download here.