Ireland’s Cancer Centres

The majority, but not all, of cancer surgeries are carried out in one of eight designated Cancer Centres in Ireland. Please see below for the details of the cancer centres. If you need to be seen at a cancer centre, your GP will refer you.

Hospital Group Cancer Centre HSE Region
Dublin North East Beaumont Hospital HSE Dublin – North East
Dublin East Mater University Hospital  HSE Dublin – North East
St Vincent’s University Hospital HSE Dublin – Mid Leinster
Dublin Midlands St James’s Hospital HSE Dublin – Mid Leinster
South/Southwest Cork University Hospital HSE South
Waterford Regional Hospital  HSE South
West/Northwest Galway University Hospital  (satellite: Letterkenny General Hospital) HSE West
Midwest University Hospital Limerick HSE West


Below is an outline of where the different types of cancer surgery are performed:

  • All breast cancer surgery now takes place in the eight cancer centres and Letterkenny.
  • Rectal cancer surgery is undertaken at all eight designated cancer centres, and also at the satellite unit in Letterkenny General Hospital.
  • Prostate cancer surgery is carried out at all four cancer centres in Dublin, at Cork University and at Galway University Hospitals. Prostate and rectal cancer surgery is still undertaken in a small number of other hospitals; it is planned to continue the consolidation of surgery for these cancers into the designated centres.
  • Surgery for gynecological cancers is performed in all cancer centres except Beaumont Hospital.
  • Lung cancer surgery takes place in St. James’, Mater, Cork University and Galway University Hospitals.
  • Surgery for upper gastrointestinal cancers takes place at St James’, Beaumont and Galway University hospitals and will also transfer from the Mercy Hospital to the designated cancer centre at Cork University hospital.
  • Pancreatic cancer surgery takes place at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the satellite centre at Cork University Hospital.
  • Surgery for brain and other tumours of the central nervous system is performed at Beaumont and Cork University Hospitals.


Information curtsey of the HSE.