Five Year Strategic Plan

For more information on our aims moving forward and how we plan to achieve them, you can read a full copy of our five-year strategic plan here.

Every year there are 43,000 people diagnosed with cancer in Ireland and on the basis of current projections, another 500,000 Irish people will be diagnosed with cancer over the next ten years.Furthermore there are an estimated 180,000 cancer survivors living in Ireland who continue to need support. At the Marie Keating Foundation, we recognise that while cancer is not always life threatening, it is almost always life-changing. We understand how cancer can affect every aspect of a person’s life – not just their physical health. In striving to achieve our vision of ‘A World free from the Fear of Cancer’ in this Strategic Plan we have set out how over the next three years we will enhance our services so that the Maire Keating Foundation can make a real difference for as many people affected by cancer in Ireland as possible.

As part of the development of this plan, a Strategic Review and SWOT analysis was conducted by the Board and Executive Team to build the strategy content and to take into account the evolving requirements of those affected by cancer. Extensive stakeholder consultation was conducted with patients, service users, staff and trustees, donors, volunteers and peer organisations in order to assess current and future needs.

The Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Objectives of the Foundation were reviewed and our core focus and priorities were agreed by the Executive and approved by the Board of Directors.

The six strategic goals outlined in this plan are ambitious and undoubtedly, the Marie Keating Foundation will face considerable challenges which may affect all that we aspire to over the next three years. In particular, developing a more sustainable funding model to enable us to support our core services will present particular challenges. However twenty four years since Marie Keating sadly lost her battle to cancer, we stand ready and all the more committed to find solutions in partnership with others to realise our goals.

What You Can Do To Help

Our five year strategic plan is a very ambitious guideline, one that we cant achieve without your help. It is estimated that 1 in 2 people will be affected by cancer at some point in their life, and as this figure grows, so too must our services, but we can not do this without your help. By volunteering your time, setting up a fundraiser, making a one-off donation or becoming a regular giver to the Foundation, you are helping us to continue to support those diagnosed with cancer and their families at every step of their cancer journey.