Philanthropy/Major Gifts

Whether you’re a trust, foundation or individual, making a significant donation to the Marie Keating Foundation can help shape the way Irish people understand cancer and ensure that we all lead healthier, happier, longer lives. You can also help us reach out to people who are already on their cancer journey.


Becoming a major donor is an opportunity to fund a specific element of the Marie Keating Foundation’s work. A major donation is a one-off donation or multi-annual funding in excess of €5,000. Major donations help us to plan ahead. This means we can achieve sustainable and effective change in our life-saving awareness work, leading to earlier diagnosis and improving survival rates. You can also contribute to the services we provide. You can choose to make a one-off donation or provide funding over a number of years.


Your generosity helps us:

  • Give grants to individuals and families that are financially struggling due to a cancer diagnosis. Your donations help us to provide simple things like enough oil to keep their heating on while they recover from chemo, and enough money to pay for childcare while they spend time in hospital getting treatment. The grants we give are modest but the comfort they give is immeasurable.
  • Upgrades and re-decorating for waiting areas and out-patient centres in hospitals nationwide. Your donations help us give patients and their families some small comfort while they wait for their chemo appointment, while they attend clinics or while they await their turn with the doctor to receive life changing news. These patients have often been through physically bruising treatments and so we strive to provide them with basic items such as comfortable chairs, pillows and private consultation areas.
  •  Keep our mobile information units on the road. The Marie Keating Foundation has three such units, each staffed by a qualified registered nurse. The units travel around the country, visiting schools, community groups, traveller groups, and work places, giving free advice in an approachable, relaxed manner. The nurses also provide take-home information on all the key cancers and encourage members of the public to visit their doctor if they learn of any symptoms that may indicate a cancer risk. The role of the mobile information units and the nurses is to make cancer less frightening by enlightening.


What you get in return

As a major donor of the Marie Keating Foundation you:

  • Can designate a specific programme/area of work which you wish to support.
  • Receive regular updates on our work and the impact of your support.
  • Attend exclusive events and receptions.
  • Are thanked publically through key communications


If you are interested in becoming a major donor, please contact Liz Yeates, CEO, at [email protected] or call (01) 628 3726.