Bag Pack

A great way to support the fight against cancer is to organise a bag pack in your local shopping centre- just approach the store manager and ask if you can do one in their store in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation. Usually you will need to give a couple of months notice so keep this in mind. We can give you a letter of authorisation saying that you have kindly donated your time to the Marie Keating Foundation for this purpose.

The next step is roping some friends and family into help- the Marie Keating Foundation can help by providing you with an email that is ready to send to ask them to get involved. The more help you can get the better- on average, six at any one time is a great number.

The Marie Keating Foundation can provide you with t-shirts, buckets, posters and some background about where the well earned funds are going.

For more information, please give Fiona a call on 01 628 3726 or email [email protected].