Give Bladder Cancer The Red Card

Help Us Give Bladder Cancer the Red Card this Bladder Cancer Awareness Month


Bladder cancer affects over 490 men and women each year in Ireland, with men being 78% more likely to develop the condition than women. Sadly, around 222 people die from the disease each year, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. When detected early, bladder cancer is very treatable.





Launching the campaign, Davy Fitzgerald said, “I've had my fair share of red cards but one red I never want to see is blood in my urine. With far more men affected by bladder cancer than women, knowing the warning signs of bladder cancer can save lives. We all need to watch our health as we get older, so if you ever see blood in your urine or have any other concerns, make sure you don’t ignore them - get it checked even just for peace of mind.”


By being aware of the common signs and symptoms of bladder cancer, you can help us to “send bladder cancer off” for good and possibly save your life. One of the easiest ways to keep your bladder health in mind in-between seasons and to keep you match fit is to remember the Bladder Health Code.


If you see RED (blood) in your YELLOW (urine) get the GREEN light and go to see your GP. It may be nothing, but the earlier you know, the better the outcome.

For more information about the early warning signs of bladder cancer, and the risk factors you should be aware of, download a free copy of our infographics and share them with those you love this Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.


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