Breast Cancer Isn’t Just Pink

This October, we’re proving that Breast Cancer Isn’t Just Pink

Each year in Ireland, 3,704 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s 3,704 unique journeys, thousands of treatment appointments, countless conversations, emotions and experiences and even more colours. Every. Single Year. So how could breast cancer be Just Pink?

This October, we are continuing a conversation we started last year, opening up Breast Cancer Awareness Month to be inclusive of all experiences and diagnosis, highlighting that it is ok to have good days and bad days, that no journey is the same and therefore  breast cancer can’t be just one colour.  Like every breast cancer journey, each breast cancer survivor is unique, and so, with the help of our sponsor Roche Products Ireland and partner Fleetwood Paints, we worked with a select group of women to show how a colour can articulate and represent  the deeply personal, and unique  experience of being  diagnosed with breast cancer.

Watch these four brave women , Carly, Pascaline, Barbara and Tracy share their experiences and the highs and lows of their journey with interior designer, colour specialist and Fleetwood Pain ambassador, Roisin Lafferty, to create their true breast cancer colour.

Roisin helped the ladies find their breast cancer colour, but their journey started long before this campaign. Read their full story from diagnosis to present day, and learn what they would like you to know by clicking the images below.



With the help of the fantastic team of Fleetwood Paints, we were able to select bespoke colours for our breast cancer advocates, and now, it’s your turn! Click here to take our #NotJustPink quiz and discover the colour of your breast cancer journey.




Following on from the success of last year’s campaign we wanted to make sure that once again, all experiences and voices were heard. Our CEO and breast cancer survivor Liz Yeates, discusses her personal connection to this campaign.


“As a breast cancer survivor myself, I am deeply aware that the road after a breast cancer diagnosis is very rarely an easy one. More and more people each year in Ireland are being diagnosed with cancer, and with this breast cancer campaign, we want to ensure that those who don’t feel a connection to the “pinkness” of breast cancer are listened to, heard, and acknowledged. To all cancer patients and survivors across Ireland, we hear you, and we want you to know that the Marie Keating Foundation  is  always here to support you, at every step of your cancer journey.”


While creating space for every kind of breast cancer journey, this campaign also serves as a reminder to look after our health and to be breast aware and the importance of early detection. After the last 18 months of hardship and isolation, Prof. Seamus O’Reilly explains the importance of campaigns like the Marie Keating Foundation’s #NotJustPink campaign.


“Campaigns such as this help to remind the public of the need to perform regular self-examinations and if they are concerned about a symptom or a change in their body then they should contact their GP or a health care professional. Early detection is key in the fight against breast cancer. This campaign highlights the unique journey of every breast cancer patient and aims to assure survivors and those newly diagnosed that, whilst they may be experiencing a unique journey, they are not alone”





Carry out your own self check this Breast Cancer Awareness Month and become more breast aware:




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