John Feeney- Dear Kellie.

Dear Kellie/group,

From the very first second, I received my diagnosis my mental health as well as everyday life went off a cliff, constantly worrying that the doctors were lying to me about the severity and second guessing everything they said and how they said it.

I was miserable and made treatment a lot harder than it should have been, even after I got all clear I still was questioning where they just saying that to me to make me feel better and things were not getting any better.

My wife Kellie was amazing constantly reassuring me and even ringing nurses when I needed calming down no matter how embarrassing it must have been for her. In the end Kellie knew that I needed proper help, that things could not go on like this. She decided to sign me up for the Survive and Thrive course and it has been an amazing help. Knowing there are other people out there who are going through the exact same as me; and learning how to cope has helped me get away from this dark cloud that was with me every day. Even though the group was serious it was fun too and quite a bit of laughing was done.

If you are reading this and in two minds over whether to join, trust me and join, as we learned in the group “be a good friend to yourself.” If anything helps you get through this, then do it.

I would like to thank the group and especially my wife for helping me get through this she never once complained no matter how irrational I was acting.