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The number of people in Ireland being diagnosed with cancer is rising every year, but thanks to early detection and advances in treatments, so are the numbers of those living well with and beyond cancer. The Marie Keating Foundation’s new survivorship website,, is designed to give support, information and advice to the more than 170,000 cancer survivors and their families in Ireland today.

The Foundation set up to provide a source of trusted information on all aspects of cancer survivorship for those who have come through cancer and those who are living with an advanced cancer diagnosis.

On the website, you will find information and advice on all aspects of life with or beyond cancer. Things like how to cope physically, mentally, and socially after cancer treatment, a hub of resources and support for carers, and stories of hope from survivors are all explored on the website.

You may have finished cancer treatment, but this doesn’t mean your cancer journey is over. Being a cancer survivor or living with an advanced cancer diagnosis comes with its own sets of challenges. On the website, we give tips on how to cope with side effects of treatment, how cancer can change your relationships with the ones you love, and how to get back to work after or during cancer treatment.

For more information and advice on how to live with or beyond your diagnosis visit