A Letter From Mary – Survive and Thrive

I was registered to do the Survive and Thrive course through the Cancer Services Centre in UHL, Limerick, after I’d completed my treatment for Breast Cancer.

It was then postponed due to the Covid crisis, and I was disappointed as it was something I really wanted to complete to “stamp a finished mark” on my cancer road.  I noticed while googling that the Marie Keating Foundation ran courses so left an enquiry message, which I am so happy now that I did.

I did it virtually which in hindsight is as good if not a better way of completing the course, as it’s in the comfort of your own home and easier to be open as the participants are from all over the country so not locals you had met while going through the treatment.

Both presenters are so lovely, understanding, knowledgeable and positive, it always boosted my mood after each session.  Helen has a medical background and Paul has experience and adds a bit of fun to the session.  Even though there are time constraints you are never rushed to move on etc.

Although the content is heavy going at times, it is presented in an easy going manner, with slides, discussion, breakout rooms so there is plenty of variety in the flow of the session.

The content is excellent, it has made me so much more conscious of my diet, my fluid intake, exercise, sleep and my mental health.  I would strongly recommend this course to everyone that has been through cancer.

If there was a refresher course in time I would be very interested.

Kindest Regards,