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New novel “Taking the Pi55 Out of Cancer” shares the realities of a prostate cancer journey with good humour and self-deprecation  

Cancer survivor Raymond Poole’s second novel ‘Taking the Pi55 Out of Cancer’ has been launched. Sharing the realities of a prostate cancer journey with ‘Roddy Doyle’ style humour, the novel gives insight into the ups and downs of a prostate cancer diagnosis and the lasting side-effects of treatment.

As attention and resources remain tightly focussed on COVID-19, ‘Taking the Pi55 Out of Cancer’ brings a refreshing clarity to the reality of facing a cancer diagnosis and is a reminder that just because COVID-19 is with us does not mean that cancer, which now affects one in two Irish people, has gone away.

The novel is told from the perspective of two fictional characters inside Raymond’s head, and chronicles the realistic, upsetting and at times hilarious journey men can be taken on when diagnosed with prostate cancer. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 after routine PSA testing, Raymond Poole has been outspoken about his journey and the side effects he experiences due to his prostate cancer treatment.

Raymond has always been upfront and honest when speaking about his experience.  He hopes that his openness and this novel will encourage more men to take their health serious and share their own experiences and challenges. “This book manifested itself within my headspace. I felt if I didn’t get it out from there and onto paper I would end up with a permanent Dublin accent. It is a book that is not PC but written by a guy who had PC! Cancer has many negatives, struggles and tearful moments but some of them can be from laughter too. Because of cancer I now have some wonderful people in my life that otherwise I would have never met. However, that is not a recommendation to get cancer that was a joke, right, you knew that?” Raymond Poole, Author and cancer survivor

As a cancer survivor, Raymond understands the importance of support during a journey that can be filled with ups and downs. He has pledged to donate the proceeds raised from the sale of the book to the national cancer charity, the Marie Keating Foundation, which supports cancer patients at every step of their journey. Each year the Marie Keating Foundation runs a dedicated Prostate Cancer Awareness campaign in September and provides support and information for the 3,665 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. The funds raised will be put towards supporting this vital work.

Liz Yeates, CEO at the Marie Keating Foundation said “The team here at the Foundation are delighted to be a part of this beautiful novelisation of a prostate cancer experience and to spread awareness for this increasingly common male cancer. The humour and honesty of Raymond’s story is a testament to the realities of a cancer journey, and aside from being an excellent read, we hope that this new novel will not only make men more aware of their health, but encourage them to seek advice from their GP when they need it.”

In light of current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, the Marie Keating Foundation has been forced to cancel many of their fundraising events on which they rely so heavily.

“We are so grateful to Raymond for his generous offer to donate the proceed of his new novel to help support our national awareness and prevention services. The sale of this novel will not only bring prostate cancer and men’s health to the forefront of men’s minds, but it will also help to keep our Mobile Units and specialised nurses on the roads, helping people all over Ireland recognise the early signs of cancer so they can seek advice before it’s too late.” Linda Keating, Director of Fundraising.

To purchase a copy of Raymond’s book for €12.99, please click here.