Survive and Thrive Letter – Evelyn Byrne

   Having walked a lonely journey with my skin cancer diagnosis during covid, there was a lack of normal supports for reassurance or comfort outside family. Through a bit of luck I heard about Survive and Thrive and from the first session it was like stepping into a group hug.


My group were a wonderful collection of people not to mention wise Paul, compassionate and knowledgeable Helen and Fiona dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s ! I had been trying to carry on with life as ‘normal’ but had a lot of trauma and unacknowledged emotion which I slowly released week by week and now I feel lighter and brighter than I have in two years. I feel able to be authentically me.


It was fantastic to be able to share with people who ‘get’ it no explaining, excusing – just raw and honest discussions and more than a few giggles too!  One of the best things about the course is that you leave with a walking talking support group of friends.

Thank you so much and I will always appreciate those at the Marie Keating Foundation, you all do such wonderful work and I can’t thank you enough.