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Join the Bowel Movement this Bowel Cancer Awareness Month


Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer in people in Ireland, affecting over 2690 people each year. BUT, when caught and treated early bowel cancer is very treatable and five year survival rates are now over 65%. Understanding bowel cancers signs and symptoms is key to ensuring that you notice any change and seek help without delay.

What does Joining The Bowel Movement mean?


When you #JoinTheBowelMovement, you are simply committing to making bowel cancer a part of the conversation when it comes to your health and improving awareness and understanding of bowel cancer’s early warning signs

By getting to know the early warning signs of the disease such as:

  • Blood in or on your stool,
  • A change in your normal bowel movements
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • A pain in the abdomen or bowel
  • Or the feeling that you are not totally emptying your bowel

You can speak to your GP as soon as you notice a change. It may be nothing serious, but when detected early, bowel cancer has a 65% survival rate. So why not Join the Bowel Movement and give yourself, or someone you love, the best chance of early detection?


What is BowelScreen?


One of the tools in your arsenal for detecting bowel cancer in its earliest stage is our national screening service, BowelScreen. Those between the ages of 60 to 69 are eligible to receive a free FIT kit, which you can do in the privacy of your own home, and simply mail in for testing. This test is designed to detect microscopic specks of blood in the stool, and can help us to detect bowel cancer, sometimes even before you notice you have symptoms.




When detected early, bowel cancer is very treatable, according to Consultant Medical Oncologist, Dr Gregory Leonard from Galway University Hospital. He explains Bowel cancer, when detected early is very treatable. Unfortunately, many people don’t know or ignore the warning signs of bowel cancer until it’s too late. In my experience with diagnosing and treating bowel cancer, the earlier we see patients the better the outcome. I fully support the Foundation’s call for people to Join the Bowel Movement and make bowel cancer and its symptoms a part of the conversation when it comes to looking out for your health.”




Join the bowel movement today, and help us improve bowel cancer’s survival rates. Addie was diagnosed with a rare form of bowel cancer in 2015 at just 42, but due to that fact that she went to see her GP, she is here to share her story today. Read Addie’s full story by clicking here.



Routine bowel screening saved Paddy's life. This April, he is Joining the Bowel Movement to share his story and ensure no one eligible for BowelScreen ignores their free at home FIT  kit. Read Paddy's full story today here.






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