Leaving a Legacy Gift in your Will

23 years ago Marie Keating created a legacy she was totally unaware of but because of her strength and compassion cancer patients in Ireland today know they have somewhere they can turn when things get tough. 

Will you help continue this legacy for generations to come by leaving a gift in your Will to the Marie Keating Foundation?

Cancer diagnoses are increasing and this year almost 45,000 people in Ireland will hear those words no one wants to hear. By 2045 these rates are expected to double. Cancer patients, survivors and their families need to know that with thanks to your love, you have created a world where it is a little less frightening to be a cancer patient and where they will be able to rely on our nurses to be there for them, at every step.

Your love will mean no family will have to face to cancer alone

“When I look back to when we lost our Mam 23 years ago, I could never have imagined that our grief and her legacy would have meant that thousands of families have had somewhere safe to turn when they needed it most. I know she would be so proud and feel immensely privileged to have her name be a part of so many people’s stories. After looking after your own family, please consider leaving the Marie Keating Foundation a gift in your Will so together we can take care of families around Ireland who are struggling with the effects of a cancer diagnosis. No matter the size, your love can create a world free from fear for the 45,000 people who hear those frightening words every year and help continue the legacy my Mam started” Linda Keating, Marie’s only daughter and Co-Founder 



An often-forgotten way to help a charity is to leave a legacy gift when you are making or amending your Will.

By leaving the Marie Keating Foundation a legacy gift in your Will, you ensure that we can continue to support people and their families at every step of their cancer journey

We understand that, of course, you will want to look after your loved ones first.

Deciding to also include a legacy gift in your Will is a deeply personal decision. Any gift you choose to leave us, no matter what size, will be truly appreciated and will go towards our vital cancer support programmes and services and help us achieve our mission of ‘making cancer less frightening by enlightening’

Leaving us a legacy in your Will is also a very tax effective way for you to donate as it is excluded from inheritance tax.


Arranging to leave a gift in your Will is more straightforward than you might have thought.

If you decide to leave a legacy gift, the next step is to contact a solicitor. If you already have a solicitor, speak to him or her about making your Will or amending your existing one to include the Marie Keating Foundation.

Legacies: frequently asked questions:

Is it expensive to make a will?

A Will is a legally binding document that protects and provides for your loved ones so it is best to ask a solicitor to help you

make or amend your Will. Almost all solicitors provide this service for a nominal fee and they will discuss this with you. If you don’t already have a solicitor, friends or family can often advise you when selecting one. Otherwise, you can find one here or in the Golden Pages .

Can I leave a legacy to more than one charity?

Yes. Irish people are very generous and often support more than one charity. You can include more than one charity in your Will, if you like.

It is helpful if you can tell your solicitor a charity’s full name, address and charity number.

If you wish to leave the Marie Keating Foundation a legacy gift, our address is Unit 9, Millbank Business Park, Lucan, Co Dublin. Our charity number is CHY 12916 and our RCN Number is 20038953.

Will my gift make a difference?

The Marie Keating Foundation depends on the generosity of people like you to survive. Every legacy gift, no matter what their size, ensures that we can continue to be here for people and their families at every step of their cancer journey. Legacy gifts make a real difference in allowing us to provide free cancer prevention and early detection information to thousands of people every year and to support hundreds of men and women going through cancer treatment, adjusting to life after cancer or living with an advanced cancer diagnosis.

Who can I talk to for more information?

If you are thinking about leaving a legacy gift to the Marie Keating Foundation or would like more information on what this entails and why it is important to us, please contact Linda on [email protected] or call 01 628 3726.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness Will help someone who needs our vital support when they are diagnosed with cancer and we will be there for them at every step of their cancer journey, thank you.