A Letter from Judith – Survive and Thrive

Just had to write to tell you about the programme I have been on for the last 6 weeks.

It is called ‘Survive & Thrive’ and is run by the Marie Keating Foundation in Dublin.

This has been such a learning curve and would advise anyone on a Cancer journey to get in touch with them.

I know you have been with me all the way through my difficult times but I have met women who have been so brave and stoic that I am in awe of their strength and courage.

Sometimes life is hard but having been on this programme I feel that you need never be alone when things get tough. I thank myself lucky that I was able to be included in it.

‘Survive & Thrive was run very professionally and answered many questions across the board for all of us. Well done ‘Marie Keating Foundation’


As always your friend