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Marie Keating Foundation and Galway City Partnership join forces once again for Men’s Health Week

11/06/2024 repro free: Photo:Andrew Downes, xposure

Men’s Health Week 2024 in Galway focused on the creation of new partnerships to reach all groups with the message that early detection counts.

The overall aim of Men’s Health Week is to heighten awareness of preventable problems for males of all ages and to encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties.

One of the novel features of the week has been the collaboration of Galway City Partnership and the Marie Keating Foundation, backed by Croí, the FAI and Westside Astroturf to host not just information talks but a soccer game to boost awareness of prostate cancer.

Kathryn Murphy, Community & Online Information Nurse with the Marie Keating Foundation commented,

“With 1 in 6 men being affected by prostate cancer in their lifetime, we are helping men to get to know the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer and seek information about their PSA once they turn 50, or 45 with a family history of prostate cancer.”

She emphasised the message of very positive survival rates if detected early.

As part of the ongoing campaign to reach all parts of the community with health awareness messages, Galway City Partnership has ensured that information leaflets are available multilingually.

This week, therefore, sees the launch of prostate awareness leaflets in Ukrainian to complement the existing information on cervical and breast cancer.

CEO of GCP, Linda Sice Brogan said their central focus is to reduce health inequities and that collaboration is key to achieving this,

“We know that disadvantaged groups have poorer health outcomes and health must be at the heart of all social inclusion approaches.

“Galway City Partnership has deep links into all communities in the city and so, when we partner with specialist groups like the Marie Keating Foundation and Croí, we know that we can maximise the impact.”


Kathryn Murphy emphasised the need for men to understand the risks of prostate cancer and thereby reduce their chances of becoming seriously ill from a treatable cancer,

“This continues our mission of making cancer less frightening by enlightening, and ensuring lifesaving cancer awareness and prevention information is available for all.”

11/06/2024 repro free: Photo:Andrew Downes, xposure

11/06/2024 repro free: Photo:Andrew Downes, xposure