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Marie Keating Foundation welcomes ban of the sale of tobacco products for those aged under 21

The Marie Keating Foundation wholeheartedly welcomes the news that Cabinet has agreed to ban the sale of tobacco products for those aged under 21 and said the landmark move will protect future generations from the harms of smoking.

The Foundation forms part of the Tobacco 21 Alliance which has been lobbying the Government to increase the legal age for tobacco sales to 21. The Alliance, spearheaded by the Irish Heart Foundation, hopes the new legislation will fuel a 30% drop in youth smoking – replicating statistics seen in the United States after the 21-age limit was introduced there.

Liz Yeates, CEO of the Marie Keating Foundation, said: “This measure is crucial for safeguarding our young people from the harms of smoking. This landmark move is a significant stride forward in our relentless fight against cancer. By curtailing access to tobacco among young people, we not only reduce the likelihood of addiction but also decrease the future burden of tobacco-related cancers. This measure will save lives and pave the way for a healthier future for all generations.”