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Cervical and Breast Cancer Initiative for Ukrainians Launched by Galway City Partnership and Marie Keating Foundation

Galway City Partnership and the Marie Keating Foundation have joined forces to ensure that vital preventative health information is available to the Ukrainian community here.

This week sees the launch of newly translated leaflets on cervical and breast cancer in Ukrainian, guaranteeing that educational health information is accessible to all members of the community.

Early detection of cancer is vital for positive outcomes. By raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of common cancers, the campaign will provide facts that will help people to seek support when it is most beneficial.

The initiative represents a significant step towards promoting health equity by providing crucial health resources in people’s native languages.

This is part of an ongoing series of language initiatives by Galway City Partnership to ensure best practice in public health promotion amongst new communities. The Marie Keating Foundation has a focus on social inclusion within its services, ensuring support and resources free of charge to underserved communities.

CEO of GCP, Linda Sice Brogan said collaboration is key to reaching all communities,

“By partnering with the Marie Keating Foundation, Galway City Partnership is committed to breaking down language barriers and ensuring that everyone has access to crucial health information.

“At the heart of this initiative is the goal of bringing together diverse stakeholders in the community. Through partnerships with organisations such as the Marie Keating Foundation, Croí and local health professionals, the initiative is creating a collaborative environment that provides accessible information, prevention, and care.”

The launch event served as a platform for community members to engage with health professionals, undergo vital health screenings and access resources to promote overall well-being.

The event also welcomed some entrepreneurs from the Ukrainian community with backgrounds in wellbeing, wellness, and beauty therapy to share their experience and expertise with participants.

Director of Nursing Services with the Marie Keating Foundation, Helen Forristal, told the gathering,

“We are delighted to partner with Galway City Partnership and promote access to preventative information for all groups, regardless of language or background. This is key to our mission of cancer prevention, awareness and support.”

Aislinn Marchant of the GCP Ukrainian Response Team commented,

“This initiative is not just about providing information; it’s about creating a moment for individuals who struggle to access or understand health information to learn about prevention and care. It’s also an opportunity for health professionals to connect with the community and gain valuable insights into their needs.”

Galway City Partnership and the Marie Keating Foundation will further develop their collaboration with a men’s event next month that will focus on prostate cancer awareness

This is all part of the Marie Keating Foundations Social Inclusion initiatives, you can find the online version of these here