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Kindling Film – Testicular Cancer Awareness

“Kindling – learning and remembering that Testicular Cancer can affect young men (or those born with a testicle) from the age of 15 -34 years of age. An inspiriting adaptation of life with Testicular Cancer despite his pending mortality from a now terminal illness, Sid has turned his last summer into a summer to be remembered by his friends all coming of age. Let’s make every summer a summer to be remembered …know the signs and symptoms and your possible risk of testicular cancer – check them out, early detection saves lives”.
Helen Forristal, Director of Nursing Services, Mare Keating Foundation.
We were lucky enough to get a preview of this new movie earlier this year.
Kindling follows a group of young men who return to their hometown to turn their friend Sid’s final summer into a celebration of life, love, and friendship. Testicular cancer awareness highlighted in a compassionate and compelling story.
Testicular Cancer :
Know what’s normal and what is not normal.
• Smooth & firm, comfortable to the touch
• One testicle slightly bigger than the other
• One testicle hangs slightly lower than the other
Not normal
• Lumps or swelling in one or both testicle
• An area of hardness in one of both testicles
• Testicles feeling heavier than usual
• An area of pain
Risk Factors:
• Age – most common in men aged 15-34
• Born with un-descended or partly descended testicle
• Risk is greater when not corrected by the age 11 to 13
• Previous history of testicular cancer
• Family history
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