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A letter from Linda Keating marking Marie Keating’s 25th Anniversary

This February 2nd will be our Mam, Marie’s 25th Anniversary, which also marks 25 years at the Marie Keating Foundation and what an amazing journey it has been to date! Who ever thought we would have come this far or achieved all that we have?

It is incredible really, and this is very much down to the amazing nurses and entire team who over the years have worked so hard and put so much passion and dedication into what they do.

As a family we are so proud and humbled by everything that is being done to help so many people on a cancer journey all in our Mam’s name.

Over the past almost three years it has been very difficult for all charities, but I can only speak for the Marie Keating Foundation when I say that I thought Covid would bring an end to us, as we rely so heavily on fundraising events. The pandemic forced us to have to cut back on supports like our Comfort Fund, which was devastating to us all, thankfully it was restored when we were in a position to raise funds again.

The demand for our services grew hugely during Covid with people terrified to go to their doctors or not being able to attend their hospital appointments. Our nurses were able to offer on-line supports through our helpline and patient support meetings which took place over Zoom – thankfully we were able to support many more patients and their families nationwide. I am only telling you this so that you can get a taste of the amazing people who work at the Marie Keating Foundation, their dedication and genuine want to help people makes me feel so proud.

To tell you a little bit about my Mam, Marie (I am sure she is just like yours) she was at her happiest when she had all her 5 children with her, I even remember one time I came home from America (where I was working) to surprise my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary and we decided to go to Killarney, because that is where we always went on holiday. Mam insisted that the 7 of us had to travel in the one car, that was some experience, might have been easy when we were kids but with 7 adults in a car for 4 hours, it was a bit tight!


Mam had a fear of hospitals and doctors so when she found something wrong, she ignored it, without any of us knowing. Her thinking was, once the kids are okay then I am okay, but we are the ones who have lost out, she was so full of life and had the most amazing huge heart, and then just like that, gone at just 51.


25 years have gone by in the blink of an eye but at the same time each day has brought its challenges, heartbreaks, and laughter, sometimes all in the one day, but because of people like you who have continued to be there and support us we are reaching out to thank you for that.

Please God you will all be here with us through the next 25 years and if at any time you, your friends or family members need our help with any of the programmes or services that we provide please do get in touch, or if you would like to host an event in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation we are here to help you in any way that we can.



God bless.