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Job Alert: Mobile Unit Driver Wanted!

The Marie Keating Foundation provides information and awareness about many cancers  to the general public throughout Ireland.  As part of its ongoing development the Foundation wishes to recruit.

 Qualified Mobile Information Unit Drivers

The mobile unit is based in Leinster, covering counties: Dublin, Monaghan, Cavan, Wicklow, Wexford, Laois, Offaly, Kildare, Kilkenny & Westmeath

The successful applicant will be responsible for driving and maintaining the upkeep of the Mobile Information Unit.

The driver will be expected to assist the Nurse with measurements such as BMI and Smoklyser as instructed by the nurse (Training will be provided for this)

The person appointed should have a number of years’ experience working in a similar position.

Up to date CPC training and a C & D category driving licence is required.

This position is part-time but the successful applicant must be flexible

The successful applicant will work as part of a team.

To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to [email protected] or post to: Marie Keating Foundation, Unit 9, Millbank Business Park, Lucan, Co. Dublin before Friday, 20th May 2022

Full Job Description:

Role Profile – Mobile Information Unit Driver

Role Title: Mobile Information Unit Driver
Reporting To: Director of Nursing Services
Responsible For:             The maintenance and upkeep of the mobile information unit, driving the nurse and mobile information unit to the designated location organised for that day,
Main Purpose of the Role: To enable us to provide cancer information and awareness in the community
Location: Mobile Unit will be parked in a designated area when not in use


Key Responsibilities:

·       Driving the mobile information unit to Community and Corporate visits

·       The Driver works as a team with the Nurse while on the Unit.

·       The driver will be expected to assist the Nurse with measurements such as BMI and Smoklyser as instructed by the nurse (Training will be provided for this)

·       The Driver must remain outside of the Unit while visitors are on board with the Nurse if they are having a private conversation. The nurse will let the driver know at all times when she requires measurements taken or any other assistance.

·       The Driver must stay close to the Unit or sit in the cab of the Unit for security reasons but not to interfere or interrupt the Nurse’s work where that is appropriate.

·       Planning travel routes in advance so that the Unit arrives at each location with enough time for set up.

·       Liaising with the office with regard to parking arrangements for the Unit at each location.

·       Drivers are asked to check with the venue 2 to 3 days before the visit to ensure parking is available and to ask the venue for assistance if possible in coning/marking off spaces on the morning of the visit.  If there is a necessity to seek permission from local authorities for parking permission – County Council or Garda Stations – then the Driver should contact the Co-ordinator in MKF’s office to alert them they need to arrange this, in good time.  Under no circumstances should the mobile unit ever be parked in prohibited spaces, on double yellow lines or in disabled parking spaces

·       Meeting the Unit Nurse at the Base or at a pre-planned location as necessary.  This may require collecting the Unit Nurse on the way to the location.

·       Making sure that the Mobile Unit is parked safely and securely at all locations, including securing the Unit at the Unit base.  If this location is not suitable please contact the office and seek a more suitable one

·       The setup of the Mobile Unit with the Unit Nurse at each location.  This includes keeping the inside of the unit clean and tidy at all times and laying out all Marie Keating Foundation cancer awareness information/promotional materials and other relevant literature so that all persons visiting the unit will have easy access to the information.

·       Promoting the Marie Keating Foundation at each location visited to include a leaflet drop to all relevant areas at the location e.g. health centres, pharmacies etc.

·       The Driver must not give any information to anybody stepping onto the Unit as each person must meet with the Nurse even if only for a few minutes.

·       Keeping documentation of travel information for each location visited (Travel Sheet provided).  This includes the date, location, start time, finish time and mileage.  All completed documentation must be returned to the office in Dublin.  Please note that your day starts and finishes at the Unit base.

·       Liaising with the office with regard to planning future locations.

·       Keeping the Mobile Unit clean at all times.  The Unit is to be cleaned inside and out at least once a week or more frequently as travel and weather conditions predict.

·       The maintenance of the Mobile Unit for fuel, oil and water. A fuel card is provided for this purpose.

·       Ensure current tax and insurance discs are displayed on the vehicle

·       Reporting all mechanical/design/other faults or accidents with the Mobile Unit to the Development Officer. A verbal and written report is required.

·       Petty cash keeping.  A record of all expenses and receipts to be forwarded to the office on a monthly basis.

·       Neat dress is essential and the uniform provided must be worn at all times.


Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Competencies:

·       A current full clean drivers licence, to drive a 3.5 tonne vehicle

·       UP to date CPC

·       Excellent communication and organisational skills

·       Ability to work individually and as a member of a team.

Hygiene Procedure  – MKF Mobile Information Unit –  Government Covid – 19  Guidelines

  • Each mobile will have the following information (laminated) clearly displayed (both inside & outdide the unit):

a.      Government Guidelines on Safe Distancing, Respiratory Etiquette & Hand Hygeine

b.      Symptoms of Covid -19

c.       Handwashing procedure

d.      Law governing the wearing of face coverings

  • Each unit will display a distance of 2M inside the unit, this will be achieved by using tape measure, chalk and yellow tape or specifically designed infographics. If there is space outside the unit this also will be measured and distance displayed clearly.