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Evelyn Wakefield, RIP

We are so saddened to hear of Evelyn’s passing. She was an inspirational lady, full of vibrancy, determination and a compassion for everyone she came into contact with. She did so much for women in Ireland with metastatic  breast cancer and has left a legacy of kindness, caring and a deep understanding of what the disease process was and what other women and their families were going through.

She was a true leader to this cause and there are so many women and young women in particular in Ireland who will remember Evelyn as the one who brought them together to share stories, experiences, tears and laughter. We at the Marie Keating Foundation will always hold Evelyn in the highest regard, she was a strong ambassador, but a friend to cherish and we will miss her. There is a deep sadness within us all at the Foundation today as we remember all  the times we shared.

Evelyn’s friends within the Positive Living group are heartbroken too, we all remember the fondness, fun and a lot of love and laughter our family gathering created for everyone only a short three weeks ago. It was and is an honour and a privilege to be part of the lives of the women in this group.

Evelyn you will never be forgotten, always in our thoughts and in our prayers. May she Rest In Peace.

 “Girls what an afternoon. Thanks so much to everyone involved in organising such an amazing day. The kids had a blast, the adult time together was lovely, the atmosphere of fun and laughter was amazing. The best prescription I have been given in weeks”. Evelyn Wakefield speaking after the July Positive Living friends and family day